Who would have thought?

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Who would have thought writing could be so hard? I mean, growing up, I thought it wasn’t worth studying or stressing over. Probably many of you did the same. We placed writing and everything related to it at the bottom of the shelf when envisioning possible careers, not knowing it was just as demanding as any job out there.

I have reached a point where I sort of wish to trade places with those who have years of experience in the field or any expertise at all because it means they have already done the hardest part. Yes, it’s great to still be learning, but, things could be easier… just saying.

Anyway, this week, in an attempt to become more organized in order to keep track of my progress more effectively, I made a to-do list. However, things didn’t go as planned. It’s not that I didn’t cross most of the items off the list. But some things such as creating content for Instagram, took me longer than expected, and left me frustrated at not being able to finish a reasonable amount of tasks in a day because I was too slow. I went from four out of seven items to two out of three the next day, to one out of two the following day.

To be fair, I learned new things, and even though I consider myself a tech-savvy person; I am still far from getting things right the first time around. I need a lot of practice; I mean, who doesn’t?

So, I’m happy I finally figured out where my writing time was disappearing; it was always there, but I always did things that normally should take less time to complete too slowly. You can imagine the shock. Nothing brings you back to earth like monitoring your own pace when trying to have neat time management.

Trading a speedy project completion for new design skills doesn’t seem like a complete loss; however, it’s not a fair trade for a writer. The good news is, I enjoy learning about new things and I can always share them with my audience (a.k.a. you). In case you didn’t know, the podcast I am hosting was moved to anchor for technical reasons after first hosting it on Substack, and ever since the first episode was live, I wanted to promote it in the best way before I had too much of unexploited content to share and no listeners.

This week I spent hours learning how to design audiograms, using the Headliner app to promote the podcast, and gorgeous the first video is (good job padawan)! Got a podcast? Here’s your plug; when you use my referral link to open an account, you get a free week of Headliner Pro to create unlimited promotional videos for your business.

Practice makes perfect; let’s hope it also makes faster.

To creation and speed!

Originally published at https://theppsclub.substack.com.



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Priscille B. Fatuma

Priscille is a freelance writer, fiction writer, podcaster, content creator & marketer. She loves books, movies, long naps, TV series, and dogs.