I have a hot take on beauty. But wait… it’s a poem!

Tromsø, Norway @earthcurated

Beauty is Great, but…

I’m looking for light. And all that shadow, shade, or

Darkness doesn’t serve you right.

Everyone has burdens, but I want to travel light.

And beauty remains attractive when it’s filled with light.

I can fall for striking beauty and rise back up quickly

when there’s nothing there to excite my psyche.

True beauty, I believe, is coated with kindness.

And I’m not talking about niceness–kindness

means giving away something even when you won’t get

a return on investment.

Beauty is providing comfort

for others even if it costs you your tears

because what you gave away has value,

not because the one who’ll benefit after you

won’t know how much it’s worth. And even if they don’t,

kindness is the kind of beauty

that even the blind can see–see,

Beauty is great, but I’m looking for kindness.



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Priscille B. Fatuma

Priscille is a freelance writer, fiction writer, podcaster, content creator & marketer. She loves books, movies, long naps, TV series, and dogs.