Unfortunate — A Drabble

Photo by Soulful Pizza from Pexels

Cockcrow, I leave my apartment and walk to my literary agent’s office, at the mall. My wife thought dressing dapper for my first interview would do the trick. The meeting starts in thirty minutes and I planned to get there with time to spare because I’m not good with directions.

Me *calling my agent’s number*: Hello, Mr. Zeppelin, I’m here.

Him: Good! Go up, then turn right. Do you copy?

Me: Up… Yes, I copy, right.

Him: What copyright?

Me: No, I said I copy, right.

Him: I thought you were a fiction writer!

Me *accidentally goes left*: I am…



Priscille B. Fatuma

Priscille is a freelance writer, fiction writer, podcaster, content creator & marketer. She loves books, movies, long naps, TV series, and dogs.